You’ve Done It, We’ve Done It

You’ve done it!  We’ve done it! Together we have raised the funding for the essential fourth classroom block.  In order to gain certification from the Ministry of Education Inspectors, Ganet’s Adventure School needed to show that there would in total be 8 classrooms in time for the new school year. It has been extremely difficult for the teachers provide a high-quality education in temporary shelters without solid walls.  Your contribution has been essential to the school gaining official registration. We thank you and your families and your friends for enabling us to make such progress past our Target and towards our Stretch Target. An anonymous offline donation of £2,500 has enabled us to give the go ahead to get started on the walls and as you can see there is already good progress.

bricks and walls


Our Crowdfunder campaign is live until July 18th. Funding that is received over what is needed for the classroom block, will be used to cover the running costs of the school. If you haven’t contributed yet then follow this link

We have had donations dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox MP and on reading this quote from her, believe that she would be happy to remembered in this way.

‘We have a duty to make sure every child has access to the best possible education. It should not matter where you are born. No child should be left behind.’

Virtual Wall, Certificates, Writing on Desks and More

The two embroideries were snapped up but all of our other rewards are still available. This week a supporter is taking a list of 26 names across to Gertrude for those who are realising their secret ambition to write their names on the desk in the school room. There will be a letter from a student for some, certificates for groups of students and others and names up there on the beams of the classrooms. You will be remembered at Ganet’s Adventure School. We will be constructing a page of names for the website but that could take us some time.

Books and Exams

Just in time for the visit of the inspectors Gertrude requested support to buy textbooks. There is a textbook for each standard for each curriculum subject. We have been able to fund a good supply of books for each Standard to give a better ratio of books to learners than exists in most government primary schools.  These images show some of the learners sharing their excitement at getting access to these new resources.

enjoying reading

reading shared










What Have You Learned This Year?

There is hard work for the learners as they complete the end of year exams. They have taken their national exams and will be taking their zonal exams. The results from the exams will help decide if learners deserve to move up to the next Standard in September.



After this demanding time, everyone will be looking forward to the  School Open Day on July 14th , when parents will visit the school and see performances by their children. We know that Ganet’s Adventure School knows how to celebrate.