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Working hand in hand to create more classrooms for our learners

Ganet's Adventure School photo

Ganet’s Adventure School photo

Our primary school in Malawi has come up against a new challenge within the education system. It has been told it must build four new classrooms in order for its future learners to qualify to enter government secondary school.

As with many schools in Malawi, wooden shelters which some of the learners have had to use in the past, can no longer be used. Government secondary schools across Malawi are massively oversubscribed, and passing PSLCE exams no longer guarantees entry. The only other option for parents is to send their children to private secondary schools, which the vast majority cannot afford to do.

The school’s director, its teachers, parents plus Ganet’s Adventure School Fund supporters around the world have helped the school overcome such challenges before, and we are making plans for how to do it again.

The school’s director Gertrude has drawn up a detailed budget for the classrooms, and parents are ready to contribute labour to help build them. We will be applying for grants to raise the money needed, and hope to have more news soon on this vital project.

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