We’ve doubled in size over the holidays!

Children of Ganet's Adventure School

The school year has got off to a roaring start, with 110 pupils enrolled after three weeks. This is an increase of over 100% on numbers from July this year. The increase is partly due to the addition of a Standard Eight class, and numbers last year were low because we weren’t given permission to reopen by government inspectors until half way through the school year.

The new Standard Eight class is already hard at work, having had great success in their Standard Seven exams in July. 15 out of 19 children passed these exams, the four who didn’t pass started late into the school year, and so weren’t quite at a high enough level to pass. These four will be offered the chance to retake Standard Seven, so we wish them the best of luck next time around.

We’re also pleased to announce that the pre-schoolers are back! Having started out with just one pre-school class back in 2004, this is a welcome return to the school’s roots for its founder and current director, Gertrude Banda.

As well as providing education for the under fives, having them at school means brothers and sisters are not pressured to miss classes because they have to look after younger siblings, and prevents accidents at home which can happen when parents are out working.

The extra numbers at the school are great news, though this means that more books, desks and eventually classrooms will be needed. If you would like to help, one-off and regular donations can be made securely via our Virgin Money Giving page.

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