We’re joining a very special eBay auction, and need your help to find prizes!

We are sourcing prizes for the Small Charity Week eBay auction, and we need your help. This has become an important source of income for the school over the last few years, it enables us to pay the salaries of some of our dedicated teachers, who start work at 7.30 each day, often earlier.

Prizes must “have something a little bit special about them”, and tickets to events and experiences have done particularly well for us. In previous years these have included a dinner with Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace, art pieces from our trustee Deirdre Nelson, VIP tickets to the X Factor Final and a signed book by Jamie Oliver.

Do you have a celebrity connection, or links with a sports club, artist or entertainment organisation? If so then we would be very grateful if you could get in contact with them, or provide an introduction for us. All prizes need to be registered with Small Charity Week by 8 May. We always aim to make prizes as straightforward as possible for the donor, and often the publicity around the auction can benefit everyone.

For more information or for advice on how to approach potential prize donors, email info@ganetsadventureschool.org.

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