Volunteering at Ganet’s Adventure School, Malawi

Volunteers at Ganet's Adventure School, Malawi

Volunteers at Ganet's Adventure School, Malawi

Considering a volunteer placement in Malawi? Ganet’s Adventure School is a great place to start if you are independent and want to make a real difference in a community. It’s a very progressive village school which welcomes volunteers and is a great way to learn about village life in Africa.

“Having travelled the length of Africa, this the best run and most worthwhile such project which I came across. The children’s exuberance and desire to learn is infectious. After being taught mainly by female teachers, it took a couple of days to stop the kids calling me ‘madam’, but I didn’t take it personally!” Steve, UK

What kind of placements can I do?

We tailor each placement to the volunteer and to the needs of the school, to ensure that you do something worthwhile for the school and for you. Placements are arranged to take into account your interests and experience. These are some of the possibilities:

  • Teaching assistant (you can choose to specialise in different subjects)
  • Teacher
  • Working on permaculture garden or construction projects
  • Working on crafts/small business projects with the mothers group
  • Let us know if you have other ideas for projects or placements!

How do I apply to volunteer?

In the first instance, email info@ganetsadventureschool.org telling us a little about yourself, including what you might want to do at the school and if possible a CV/resumé. Then we will be in touch with further details and then can arrange to call you to answer your questions. From there we will put you in contact with Gertrude Banda, the school’s director, who will agree with you on a suitable placement at the school.

What are classes like?

The school teaches the Malawian government curriculum for primary schools, and currently teaches primary school classes for Standards Five, Six and Seven. Lessons you are involved in will be taught in English. Class sizes are under twenty, which allows teachers to spend plenty of time with each pupil and improves results. Many schools in Malawi have over 100 pupils in a class!

Subjects include: English, Mathematics, Science, Health Education, Social Studies, Agriculture, Physical Education, General Studies, Music, Creative Arts and Religious Education

How long do placements last?

You can volunteer from two weeks up to six months or more, depending on how long you want to stay and what project you are working on.

Where do I stay?

We recommend that volunteers stay in Nkhata Bay, which is around 4km away from the school. Nkhata Bay is right by the beautiful Lake Malawi, and there are various backpacker lodges to stay at. From Nkhata Bay you can cycle or take a minibus to Mkondezi village. Living costs range from about $10 per day, although it for longer placements it may be possible to rent a house in Mkondezi village or Nkhata Bay, which would reduce this figure.

What other costs are there?

To ensure that volunteers are not a burden on the school’s scant resources, volunteers are asked to make a donation to the school. All of this money goes direct to the school, and goes towards staffing, construction and materials.

Is this volunteering scheme part of a profit-making company?

No, Ganet’s Adventure School is a small village school which is subsidised by its supporters around the world, and your placement is arranged direct with the school. In the UK, Ganet’s Adventure School Fund is a charitable trust which as part of its work helps to put volunteers in contact with the school.

When is the school open?

Semesters roughly follow those of the UK, with the first semester lasting from September to December, then the second runs from January until Easter and the final semester runs from Easter until June. Contact us for exact term dates.

Is it safe?

Malawi is a beautiful, peaceful country, with friendly, welcoming people. Mkondezi village (where the school is) is a welcoming place, and Nkhata Bay (where volunteers stay) is a lively town. As long as you take sensible precautions, you are unlikely to have any problems with crime.

What about health?

You are responsible for your own health, and will need to get the appropriate vaccinations before you travel, arrange your own health insurance and also bring your own malaria medication and any other medications you may require. Healthcare is available in nearby Nkhata Bay and Mzuzu (1 hour’s travel away).

What else do I need to do before I go?

You will need to arrange your own visas if needed, and don’t forget to bring a smile!



    i am very much interested taking a voluntary in your school in Malaysia.
    i will set off 11th April.
    thank you and looking forward for reply.


    I am T V N MURTHY from India.I have a valid passport and I have been promoting my services to poor people and needy one so that organizers can contact me directly +91 9949679299 (personal number)

  3. Vidyaa


    We are an organization working towards empowering students prepare to face the 21st century career challenges and our work primarily is in the bottom-of-the-pyramid layer of society.

    Please let us know if you would like to build a synergistic relationship.

    Warm Regards

  4. Mac Donald Mphangwe

    I am well qualified malawian national and always there at your disposal. I’m on (+265)9 9543 1496

  5. jocylene imperial

    I’m interested to ba a part of a volunteer teacher looking forward to render my service you can send me email or call me directly

    thanks / more power

  6. afzalkhan

    I am Muhammad Afzal Khan from Pakistan residing in Lahore i am interested to educate your students and I have a already teaching experience from class kg to 8th

    Thanks i am waiting from your reply and response

  7. Jones Katanga

    I am interested to be part of the volunteer teacher. I have a certificate in participatory teaching methodology and Diplomas in Community Development and Forestry.

  8. Issa Jafali

    I would like to affiliate with your organization to benefit with volunteers. i head union of members for affected in rural (umar cbo)based in domasi. we have 8 nursery school centers.we need support for the ceters with education foundation. Thank you

  9. Issa Jafali

    Sir/Madam i would lie to visit you how can it to you. Aim, is to discuss how yu can help us to affiliate to you. Thank you in advance for your attention

  10. Suzan

    Hi Volunteers,

    Great work that you are all involved in.

    Why not try Malambe Camp when you are in Cape Maclear next – great volunteer rates, great food and atmosphere.
    Cape Maclear is a great place and we really enjoyed our time there.

  11. Mariette Ennis

    I am a social worker and I have been involved with counselling and various supportive programs at schools to enable the independant functioning of adults and children. I am able to assist in small business projects and willing to do what it takes to enhance the performance of pupils and the school.
    I am also very keen to become in the agriculture side of enabling the community to be independant.
    I am doing a learn to2Read program and it assist children in learning to read as well as gain the confidence in themselves to strive in other learning areas. I find this really rewarding for both the children and the staff at the school.
    I am able to get the documentation to voluntary work in Malawi and I am really loooking forward to become involved.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Mariette

  12. Mrs. I.P. Msefula-Chimoyo

    Congratulations for the wonderful job. Whenever I read about charity, I get moved and I stop and look back, and say: What contribution can I make to the vulnerable?

    Happy New Year!

  13. admin

    And happy new year to you too Mrs Chimoyo! We always welcome visitors and supporters, there are lots of ways to get involved and help the school!

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