Join our projects in the UK

We at Ganet’s Adventure School Fund have lots of ideas but not enough time to develop them ourselves. As a small charity there is lots of scope for people with enthusiasm and imagination to make a big difference!

Possible projects to get involved with include:

  • Managing our charity Google Adwords campaigns to recruit volunteers, increase donations and followers of the charity
  • Managing Facebook and Twitter campaigns to increase the following of the charity
  • Helping to recruit volunteers in Malawi and throughout the world
  • Generating fundraising ideas and helping to run fundraising events and projects
  • Writing articles for and management of our website
  • Researching and writing grant proposals
  • Creating promotional videos

The charity consists of 6 trustees here in the UK, along with a loose network of volunteers who help out with specific projects on an ad-hoc basis. To keep our overheads to a minimum, we don’t have an office in the UK, so most of this work would be carried out by volunteers remotely.

The charity (registered no. 1141352) is based in the UK, and exists to support a village primary school in Malawi. All of our profits are donated directly to the school.


Please email  Ganets Adventure School with an indication of your skills, interests and availability.