There is a Very, Very, Very Big Arrival at Ganet’s Adventure School

Our tank is like this - waiting for photograph

As part of the feeding programme sponsored by the Hilden Trust, some food yielding crops are being grown in the school permaculture gardens. As you probably know, rainfall in Malawi is all or nothing – very heavy storms or long dry periods. Not too good for growing.

Gertrude Banda, the School Director, asked for a water tank to collect rainwater in the rainy season, to store the rain water for use in the dry season. In the UK many keen gardeners use a similar system – most water butts would be 100 to 250 litres. Ganet’s Adventure School now has a water butt or tank with capacity 2000 litres!

The water tank took only one week to fill from the rain that falls onto the roofs of the classrooms, drains into the gutter and down the pipe into the tank. Seven days to collect 2000 litres of water, averaging approximately 285 litres a day, nearly 22 litres an hour.

In July and August a pipe will be connected to the tap at the bottom of the tank and the water will be used on the permaculture gardens. 60 – 70 Kg of maize have been harvested already this year. This can be dried and then ground into grains that can be used to make porridge. There has been harvesting of sugar cane and potatoes. Bananas are a new crop for the school gardens. The recycled rain water will be used on maize, tomato, green pepper, mustard leaves, water melon, pumpkin and sugar cane crops. Gertrude and some of the students are doing some replanting on Saturdays.

The students at the school love the new tank and many of the older ones are keen to help with watering the crops.
We have asked Gertrude if the students have given the water tank a name. Not yet was the answer, but we are waiting to hear.

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