Ganet’s Adventure School

Ganet’s Adventure School was founded in 2004 by its energetic director, Gertrude Banda, in a village close to Nkhata Bay in northern Malawi. Gertrude is a widowed mother of four, who continues to run the school today. She started the school in response to a lack of preschool care for children in the community, and has since expanded it to incorporate primary school classes due to demand from parents.


The school is regulated by the Malawi ministry of education but receives no government funding. Its funding comes from GASF and from school fees, which are set at around a fifth of the level of other non-government primary schools, to make it accessible to as many children as possible. Orphans, children with only one parent present in the family and disabled children are educated for free.


The school currently has an enrolment of 260 pupils, and its Primary School Leaving Certificate exam pass rates consistently beat national averages.


The learners play football and netball, and the mothers versus daughters matches are always very competitive!


The school works hard to be self sustaining and to innovate, and in recognition of this it won a 2012 Pan African Award for Entrepreneurship in Education from Teach a Man to Fish.