The 12 days of Christmas – African style!

We have released our first Christmas video on YouTube, and it’s already drawing the crowds. It shows the children and teachers singing a very special version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, adapted for Malawi and complete with actions! The teachers worked with our volunteer Jean Ni from the US to customise the song and teach it to the children. Thanks also go to Jean for filming the song.

Here are the lyrics to the twelve days:

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
Twelve farmers ploughing
Eleven boats a-fishing
Ten hyenas howling
Nine goats a-crying
Eight roosters calling
Seven pigs a-squealing
Six children dancing
Five beating drums
Four butterfish
Three nsima pots
Two cassava plants
And a giant baobab tree

About the lyrics

  • Butterfish is a type of fish found in Lake Malawi, only a few miles from the school
  • Nsima is a traditional Malawian dish made from maize
  • Cassava is a root vegetable grown across Africa
  • Baobab trees are common in Malawi, and are a famous symbol of Africa

Now it’s your turn!

Why not learn our song and have a go yourself? We’d love to see videos of other schools and choirs performing our song!

If you don’t sing, you can help the children of Ganet’s Adventure School in Malawi spread Christmas cheer around the world by sharing the video on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We reckon it would get Scrooge himself into the Christmas spirit!

Here is the link to share:


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