Team up with us and Google’s Squared team for ‘The Net Works’

On 19 January in London, Google’s professional network Squared is hosting ‘The Net Works’. Some of the brightest and best talent from advertising and beyond will come together with trustees from Ganet’s Adventure School Fund for one day to help drive innovation for our charity.

If you have relevant experience in branding/digital/websites/search/social media/fundraising/sponsorship and want to help make a big difference for a small charity then please apply now via the form at the following link:

It’s being hosted at Google’s campus in Shoreditch, London and breakfast, lunch and beers afterwards will be provided!

Thanks to Google Campus and the Squared team for organising and hosting the day, especially Paul Connor, Emma White and Aisling O’Sullivan.


  1. admin

    We had over 50 people in attendance on the day, split into the following groups:

    Social Media
    Fundraising ideas

    Quick wins from the day included:

    • Giving our YouTube channel a makeover and setting up our first campaign on it

    • Optimising our Adwords account to allow us to more precisely target the right audience, as well as splitting campaigns between mobile and non-mobile users to improve click through rates

    • Setting up a donate button on our Facebook page (almost there with this one!):

    • Creating a Google Plus page for the school:

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    We look forward to receiving copies of our own handbook containing all of the recommendations from the day, including:

    • Website wireframe
    • Brand mission statement, brand values and brand personality document (featuring our new brand roundabout!)
    • Social media campaign outline and sample posts
    • Full Adwords recommendations
    • Fundraising project outlines

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