Standard 8 exam week

There are seven learners who will take the exams for this year; the first exam is on Wednesday 11th May. They have all been boarding at the school since January.  The school provides accommodation, supervision and extra lessons during this time to give the learners the best chance in their exams. Parents donate food where they can and this is topped up by food provided by the school. The class includes some of the 13% of learners who are orphans and who are given free place at the school.

In 2014 there were 16 candidates and in 2015 there were 20.  The number is so small this year due to the lack of a Ministry of Education centre number, this has meant that some parents have not sent their children to the school. We hope that in the next term we will have many learners if we are able to finish the fourth classroom block and gain certification for the school.  All learners have been boarding at the school since January. They are expected to leave the day when they finish taking their exams.

The Standard 8s have had a very full timetable as they finished their primary education and prepared for the exams.

First morning session       7:30am to 9:50am then first break
Second morning session 10:00am to 12:00pm then Lunch
Afternoon session             1:30pm up to 3:30pm
Supper at                              5:30pm
Prep                                       6:00pm to 8:00pm

Peter Kumwenda has been at the school since he joined the nursery class, so it might be hard for him when he leaves the school at the end of the exams.  We wish all the candidates success in their exams.