Spring term school news

The news of the permaculture gardens is that several crops are thriving despite the loss of crops in one garden because of flooding. It is near the time of year when the Standard 8 learners are working particularly hard in preparation for the Primary School Leaving Examination. When other learners have their Easter holiday, the Standard 8s will be finalising their revision for the external examination.














Ganet’s Adventure School exceeded the national percentage in 2017, 23 out of 26 learners who entered the exam passed, well above the national pass rate of 76%. At least 13 of these successful students are girls. As you may remember the school has been approved as an examination centre and 2018 may be the first year for the exams to be taken at the school. This decision depends on confirmation of the locked storage of examination papers.

The school’s director Gertrude is also in email contact with Alleyn’s School, Dulwich. They are working towards a joint project with the students of the two schools. The easy access to digital technology in the UK is not matched in rural Malawi, so the once familiar snail mail may need to be used when students exchange their ideas.