Sharing Progress on Classroom Block 4

Classroom Block 4

Classroom Block 4

Construction work in Malawi does not always go to plan but we never give up. 

In January, this year the roof to Classroom Block 4 was finished, the windows were finished and that the builders were working on the plastering which was due to be completed by mid – February. The next phase of construction is the floor of the building. The ground where this block is located is slightly lower than the other classroom blocks and extra deep foundations and drainage had to be dug. The soil dug up was used in block 3. Finishing the Classroom Block 4 floor needs soil and rubble which is not available on site. We have funded the 15 lorry trips to collect the soil and rubble needed. 

The final stages include skirting and drains, doors and other joinery and painting. Then the desks can go into the new classrooms.

block 4 floor 2block 4 floor