School Meals Help Students To Learn More Effectively

Providing school meals is helping the students at Ganet’s Adventure School make the most of the benefits of their education.

As we come to the end of the first year of the free school meals programme, funded by The Hilden Trust, school Director, Gertrude Banda and Ganet’s Adventure School Fund Trustee, Lisa Bennett, have been working together to assess the benefits of the programme.
( You may remember Lisa from Hike the Line)

Teachers are reporting that levels of concentration and participation in class have noticeably increased. Students who before may not have eaten until the end of the school day, now begin the school day with a nourishing meal. This has had a significant impact on energy levels and concentration.  Anticipation of a nourishing meal also helps to get students to school on time.

Non-attendance due to sickness is less. Because of the  feeding programme the students receive the nutrition they need to stay healthier.

Funding from Hilden has enabled the school to buy the equipment needed for programme setup:

  • 10 large cooking pots
  • 220 plates
  • 220 spoons
  • 220 cups

At the end of each day these are all returned to the store cupboard, ready for the next day.

Keep checking in with us to find out about the Feeding Committee that  has been set up to work with Gertrude Banda  and make this first year of the programme a success.  Find out about how the permaculture feeding gardens have supplemented the students’ diet.

We are raising the funding for 2 new classroom blocks. If you want to help us – Donate securely online via Virgin Money Giving


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