Revision, revision, revision

The school’s twelve Standard Eight students are now in the midst of their month long revision session for their government exams. Gertrude, the school principal, has arranged for them to board close to her house for this time so that they can concentrate on their studies. And I remember feeling overworked when I had to do just a few hours extra work when revising for my GCSE exams in the UK!

Having the students board closer to the school and away from home for this time can make a crucial improvement to their results, because it means that they won’t be pressured to work in the fields, or take on family duties during this time. In addition, many households do not have electricity or gas lamps to enable students to study during the evenings.

The rest of the school is also still hard at work. The school year in Malawi runs from January to October, so they still have a few months of classes left in the current academic year.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

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