Gertrude thanks classroom supporters on video


As you can imagine this summer has been very busy at Ganet’s Adventure School Malawi – new school buildings, training in new curriculum, gardens to maintain. As a result some of the rewards to be implemented at the school have not yet happened.

We will let you know when these rewards are complete. In the meantime, here is a special message from the school’s director Gertrude thanking everyone who supported the project:

A long list of names has been sent out to the school which will be painted onto the students’s desks. I think there are 24 names so this could take some time.

There are also names to be put on the beams of Block 4 and dedications on the outside of the building. These will be done as the builders reach the higher parts of the buildings.

Hanna, our volunteer, was able to bring back some wooden carvings and letters from the students. These are on their way to our donors.

Some delay, but it will happen. May we thank again our generous donors from the Crowdfunder Bricks Change Lives campaign.