Minibus Enables Access to School For More Learners

Many of the Ganet’s Adventure School learners walk long distances to access learning; for some that journey is too long. Others may not be able to join the school because of physical disability. The school’s president Gertrude Banda is most joyful to show us the name of the school on the back of the minibus that the charity has helped her to purchase.

After an opportunity to purchase the minibus from a trusted contact, Gertrude worked closely with the trustees of Ganet’s Adventure School Fund in the UK to agree a loan with us in order to purchase the vehicle.

Priority will be transport for the learners but there is the opportunity to generate income to repay the loan from the charity, through community use of the bus with the designated driver.  We hope that in future this enterprise will increase the enrolment at the school, benefit the learners and contribute to increasing the financial self-reliance of the school.

This is an important project to Ganet’s Adventure School Fund in the UK as we trial alternative funding methods for projects which help the school to become more independent and self sustaining.

If you are based in the Nkhata Bay area of Malawi and would like to arrange hire of the minibus with driver, please email All profits from hire of the minibus will be spent on the school.