Meet Our New Trustee

We are very happy that Amy McInerny has joined our team of trustees in the UK. Amy is 36 and works in the NHS as a youth worker. She lives in Cambridge with her husband Greg, 11 year old daughter Esther and dog Ted. Let Amy introduce herself to you.

Why Choose Ganet’s Adventure Schoool Fund?
I have dedicated my career to supporting disadvantaged children, young people and families in a whole host of settings including schools, residential homes, hospitals and out in local communities.

If there’s one thing my experiences have taught me above all others, it’s the importance of education. School plays such a critical part ensuring that all children have the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled and to succeed in life.

Education is seen as a basic right in the UK and I believe passionately that this right should be a global one. GASF supports this ideal 100%

Hobbies & Interests:
I like nothing more than a long walk down the river with my family and my dog after a long day at work. The spring is a lovely time of year in Cambridge with meadows full of buttercups and cattle grazing under huge horse chestnut trees.

At home I love to read books and cook. Music has always been a big part of my life whether it’s listening to my favourite bands at home or going to a back room of a pub to watch a live performance sipping a pint of real ale.

What makes you happy?
Sunshine, cuddles, people overcoming the odds, cake

What makes you unhappy?
Housework, Prejudice, injustice, politics, public transport
Hopes and dreams: To visit Malawi and see for myself the magic of Ganet’s Adventure School

We would like to welcome Amy to our team and look forward to working with her.

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