Learners See Snakes and Lizards on Their Trip to Old Bandawe

A trip was promised for a group of learners to visit Bandawe, a historical site on the lake shore, south of Nkhata Bay. The pin on the map, marks Nkhata Bay.


BandaweHere is a report by Mr. Vincent Matengeni, on the visit.

‘On 19th December around 7 o’clock am we set off for old Bandawe. We were 26 people, that is 3 teachers and 23 learners. Around 9 o’clock we stopped at Macaripine School where we took our breakfast-tea and bread then we proceeded to old Bandawe-Makuzi. First thing upon our arrival we entered the church and prayed. Children sang three songs. We went up Makuzi hills where there are now no big trees grown but only short beautiful grass. We saw lizards and green mamba snakes. Our packed lunch included rice and vegetables. We danced and sang our songs. We saw the picture of David Livingstone hanging inside the church.  Children swam in the lake because the lake was calm and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Thanks for the  effort of the school Director for organising the trip and for the support of the Trustees.  Next time maybe we can go to Likoma Island to see the biggest cathedral built of stones.’