Introducing Ganet’s Brew – our very own Malawian coffee!

We are proud to bring you Ganet’s Brew, which we are selling direct so that all profits go direct to the school in Malawi.

The coffee is ethically sourced, and was roasted and ground by coffee experts Climpson and Sons, a small roastery in Broadway Market, East London. It is lightly roasted, and is a medium ground suitable for cafétieres and filter coffee. To place an order from our next roast at £6.50 per 250g resealable pack, email

The beans were sourced from the famous Mzuzu co-operative, from a collection of small farms in the Msese district. The Geisha varietal has been recently planted and the result is a very sweet coffee, with great fruit notes and a well-balanced acidity. Soft, delicate profile with quietly complex aromatics that reward patient attention: flowering grass, lavender, cocoa, hints of molasses and pipe tobacco. Gentle acidity, medium body, silky mouthfeel. Flavour, particularly cocoa, saturates the long, lingering finish.

Our coffee makes a great Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life, and why not pick up a pack or two for yourself too. If you’re tired of tasteless coffee at work, then why not speak whoever buys the coffee and ask them to order freshly ground coffee from us!

Where to buy it

To place an order from our next roast at £6.50 per 250g resealable pack,


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  3. Vanessa (@Turnipseeds)

    Amazing work – I’m so happy to discover your terrific efforts to support Malawi. I’ve lived and worked in Malawi and have seen first hand the tremendous potential of the country. Can you ship your products to Canada? Please feel free to send me an email with shipping details.

    Much thanks and Merry Christmas.

    Vanessa C.
    Ottawa ON

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