Help us turn tweets into real donations

Ganet’s has received a generous donation of £10,000 worth of Twitters Ads and we’re using them to kick off a campaign to raise enough money to run the school for the whole of 2016.

The campaign will be run on social media using the hashtag #EmpoweredByTweets and we need your help to re-tweet, follow and donate to the school so we can make the most of this unique opportunity.

The 179 children at our school face some pretty serious challenges in Malawi and donating as little as £4 helps us keep the kids in school, keep them healthy and give them a real opportunity to be in control of their future.

The Top Four Reasons to Donate to Ganet’s:

  • We are a UK based charity run by volunteers, this keeps our overheads very low and means that over 90% of all donations go direct to the school.
  • If we don’t find funding the children would have to learn in government schools. Where the average class size is 96 children per teacher and Primary School pass rates as low as 15%. Our school and your donations give children access to an award winning education.
  • World Vision Malawi research shows that, despite the school being in a fertile area, stunting runs at 48%. To ensure the health of our students we have started a permaculture garden and feeding program.
  • According to the World Bank, Malawi is the poorest country in the world based on GDP per capita, with a GDP per capita of $226. Schools like ours help change the future of Malawi with the power of education.

You can donate to the charity on our Virgin Giving campaign here:

And follow us on twitter here: