Hanna’s Volunteering Experience to Remember

Last Day of Term At Ganet's Adventure School

In July, one of our volunteers, Hanna, went to Malawi, to spend some time at the school. Hanna had previously run a fundraising campaign to help build two new classrooms. She wanted to visit Nkhata Bay, to see how the work was commencing, and to meet the students. Here’s Hanna’s Ganet’s adventure in her own words: 


In July 2016 I spent two weeks volunteering at Ganet’s Adventure School in Nkhata Bay, Malawi. I had run a fundraising campaign some months before to support the construction of two new classroom blocks at the school. I was very excited to then actually visit the school myself, see how works on the new classrooms were progressing fast and get to know all the teachers and children.


My time at the school coincided with the last two weeks of term before the start of the summer holidays. The few days were busy and full of different activities: I did some teaching, including some fun bits of neuroscience (my study subject back in the UK) with optical illusion and memory games – at which the children excelled! We also wrote a class letter to the children at a partner school in the UK, created lots of jumping paper frogs in an Origami session, and practised several songs and dances for the end-of-term party.


The school has a big garden where sugar cane, maize and other crops are being grown and then used in cooking lunch meals for the children. During my two weeks at the school it was time for the sugar cane harvest – everybody got involved and we collected a large pile of sugar cane together! And even though quite a lot was eaten on the spot, all the children got to take home a bundle to share with their families.

It was a great privilege to be part of this school family for a little while! I was very happy to see that the money I helped to raise is making a real difference for the school and it is great to know that after the holidays every child will have a bench inside a proper classroom.


This is a very special place in a beautiful rural area of northern Malawi – I made unique memories that I will never forget and I very much hope that I will be able to return soon for a longer visit!


Find out more about the school’s volunteering scheme on our volunteering page.