Global support gets our classrooms campaign off to a strong start

Temporary wooden shelters

Ganet’s Adventure School has always had to make the most of limited resources, and one of its most pressing needs is for additional classrooms. Some of its learners are having to use temporary classrooms with no desks. This makes it difficult for them to write, damages equipment and clothing, and can mean that classes are missed during bad weather.

Ganet’s Adventure School in Malawi and the UK charity Ganet’s Adventure School Fund want to construct new classrooms to solve this problem, which will secure the education of its future learners and also increase the school’s capacity by 80 learners. We are working together to source funding, and once this is found to construct the classrooms.

In Malawi, the school’s director Gertrude Banda has worked with a local contractor experienced in classroom construction to put together a detailed budget. A group of parents are on hand ready to volunteer their labour to help bring sand from the river and dig the foundations.

In the UK, the trustees and a small team of volunteers are working hard on funding applications to trusts and foundations.

Alleyn’s School in London has donated half of its Christmas fund-raising to us, which gives us a head start in the funding. And we are heartened by the support we have already received, from our new supporter Hanna in Germany who is setting up a fund-raising page for us, to a Year 7 pupil at Alleyn’s School who donated the proceeds of her Christmas market stall to our charity.

As this is a large project, we have been getting expert advice in Malawi and the UK on how best to solve the problem. We have been in contact with Malawi based NGO Ripple Africa, who have helped to advise on construction methods, and who will visit the site during construction to ensure it is all going well. Gertrude is liaising closely with the local Ministry of Education office and ISAMA (Independent Schools Association of Malawi), of which which she is secretary for Nkhata Bay District.

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Note that if we achieve full funding for the classrooms, Ganet’s Adventure School Fund will put your donation to the best use to help other areas of the school’s work.

Classrooms funded by Ganet's Adventure School Fund 2