Ganet’s Story

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Ganet’s adventure

This is Ganet. She has recently passed her Primary School Leaving Certificate exams in Malawi and looks forward to starting secondary school.

Ganet, as many of you will know, has overcome a tough start to life in order to get where she is now. Her father died when she was very young, and she was brought up by her mother Gertrude. Gertrude founded a school in order to provide an income for her family, and named it Ganet’s Adventure School after her youngest daughter. Here Ganet writes about her school life and how the school came to be named after her:

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Ganet is one of the first children to pass all of the way from nursery class up to Standard 8 (the last year of primary school) at the school, and the benefits of her preschool education, small class sizes and dedicated teaching are now beginning to show. In Malawi, class sizes of over 100 are the norm, and preschool education is a rarity.

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Ganet wants to become a lawyer, a teacher or a nurse, and we wish her luck in her next adventure. Now Ganet’s 260 fellow learners need support in order to achieve the same strong start in life.

The hardest working mum in Malawi

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I have been working with Gertrude for over ten years, since Ganet was a wide eyed toddler sitting on her mum’s knee while Gertrude taught lessons. I have seen how Gertrude goes to painstaking lengths to meet the needs of the learners.

Gertrude has set up a large permaculture vegetable garden and feeding programme, run by a committee of parents, to ensure the children receive a nutritious meal in order to stay healthy and concentrate on classes. She also looks after the Standard 8 children as they board at the school for four months each year, and revision classes go on well into the evening.

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A bit of maths

The learners, parents and teachers at the school are all working hard to keep things going but the supply of income to Ganet’s Adventure School Fund which they rely on is irregular. All it takes is 60 people giving 40p a day (plus Gift Aid) to cover the school’s entire basic running costs of £9,000 a year. I invite you to join Team Ganet and be one of these very special 60 people!

Ganet’s Adventure School is a UK registered charity (no. 1141352) set up to support the children of the school. The UK charity is run entirely by volunteers, enabling over 90% of donations to go direct to the school.

You can up a monthly direct debit for £12 per month or however much you wish to give via our Virgin Money Giving page here, it’s easy, secure and they sort out Gift Aid too. We look forward to welcoming you to Team Ganet!

Steve McInerny is founder of Ganet’s Adventure School Fund.