Ganet is top of the class!

Ganet's Adventure School Standard 8 learners

Our Standard 8 class’s Primary School Leaving Certificate Exam (PSLCE) results are now in. Ganet, the daughter of the school director Gertrude Banda, scored the highest marks out of all of the learners at Ganet’s Adventure School and Mkondezi government primary school, where they took their exams.

A total of 12 out of 20 Ganet’s Adventure learners passed. Our congratulations go to all of the children who passed, and the Ganet’s Adventure School Fund trustees are looking into ways to support the 8 learners who didn’t pass in all subjects and ensure they pass next time around.

To put this into context, our pass rate of 60% is lower than Malawi’s national average of 67%, though is much higher than Mkondezi government primary school’s pass rate of just 26% (15 out of 58 learners passed).

The learners who did not pass all moved to Ganet’s Adventure School in Standard 8 from elsewhere, and many were behind in their studies when they joined. This year learners transferring to our school will be thoroughly assessed before they start, and asked to join a class at a suitable level for them to ensure they have the best chance of completing school.

The school’s teachers are awaiting details of which subjects were not passed by each learner, and the head teacher will assess whether there are any specific subjects which require special attention this year.

Read about Ganet’s story and her big ambitions here.

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