Foundations for new classroom block at Ganet's Adventure School, Malawi

Foundations completed for a new classroom block

Foundations for new classroom block at Ganet's Adventure School, Malawi

Foundations for new classroom block at Ganet’s Adventure School, Malawi

We are pleased to share the first picture of foundations which have been completed ready for the construction of a new block of two classrooms at our school.

Parents have been helping by clearing the land and with labour on site, and the building contractors have levelled the land and built foundations over 60cm deep to ensure that the classrooms will last for many years.

The school needs to build four classrooms in total to replace temporary wooden shelters. This will enable 160 children to continue their education without interruption in bad weather. It will also help the school to secure its future by applying for full registration with the government. Read our original report here.

Despite the teachers’ best efforts it is extremely difficult to provide a high-quality education in temporary shelters without solid walls. Whole chunks of time at school are missed in the rainy season as the classrooms are not weather-proof and cannot be used in heavy rains.

“The children feel very wet and cold when rain falls with heavy wind and when the weather is very cold. Children when coming to school from home are very smart and when they are in these classrooms the children are dirty because they sit on the dusty floor.”
John Tchuwa, Standard 3 class teacher

Not having full registration is causing serious problems for the learners and teachers. It makes it difficult for learners to enrol for their exams, and our Standard 8 learners are having to sit their exams at other schools nearby, which is becoming increasingly difficult to arrange.

Thanks to the help of Alleyn’s School, Adsum Foundation, Jarrold Trust, Hanna Buchler and many other supporters, we have almost completed funding for the first two classrooms. Work will start on the walls and roof very soon.

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