Benefits of Our Feeding Programme 2014-16

mothers serving breakfast

Here are some of the longer term benefits of the Feeding Programme, begun in February 2014, supported by the Hilden Charitable Fund

  • Increased effectiveness of the learning of the children
  • Proven success in running a Feeding Programme
  • Establishment and development of the growing gardens
  • Collecting seeds for planting in the next growing season
  • System for the collection of rain water to be used in the dry season
  • Development of a nutritious and locally deliverable food programme
  • Creation of jobs – gardening and cooking
  • Working together of School Director, Feeding Committee and representatives of GASF

For the second year of the programme additional foods groundnut flour and soya flour have been added on the advice of a nutritionist familiar with feeding programmes in Malawi. Further improvement to nutrient and protein content is made through the inclusion of Usipa, small locally caught fish, to the diet.

The programme is supported by the volunteer run Feeding Committee. This year parents have made a small contribution to fund two of the mothers as cooks.

Labour costs for the feeding garden are now less as the initial development work is now complete. In addition some seeds are being collected and used to generate new crops.