Excitement as IPad travels from UK to Mkhondezi, Malawi

Gertude Banda, Director of Ganet’s Adventure School, sends many thanks to Harvington Prep School in the UK which donated an iPad, to the Malawi based school. One of our supporters, Charlotte, was able to take the iPad when she met with Gertrude, at Easter.

The ipad is already being used by the Standard 4 class. They use maths apps developed by onebillion.org in Malawi’s official language Chichewa. The school also intends to use the ipad in international school partnership projects.

As with all ‘new’ technology, further work is needed to enable internet access through the iPad and make the most of its capabilities. But this does not dampen Gertrude’s excitement on receiving the donation, which she knows will help her and the learners.

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