Crowdfunding Campaign Launched – Bricks Change Lives

May 23rd sees the launch of our crowdfunding campaign to raise the £3000 to build the foundations of the final classroom block for the school. We won’t stop there – a further £6,764 is needed to construct the classrooms. The builders have already cleared the ground in readiness for digging the foundations. We say thank you to them.

Please visit our Crowdfunder page, read through the exciting lists of rewards, and choose the one that is appropriate for you.

The urgency: the school will be inspected on 20th June 2016. Gertrude is optimistic that if we can complete the foundations for this final classroom block by then, the inspectors will renew the school’s license as they did when they last inspected three years ago. If the classrooms are not built then the school may be closed.

pupils outside shelter