Christmas cards – how you can help

Our Christmas cards are available to order online now, and now we need your help to spread the word and sell them, a few minutes of your time can make a big difference!

Tell people about our Christmas card appeal

You can do this in a few minutes by posting an item on your Facebook/Myspace/intranet/website page. All the information which you need to include, along with an image, can be downloaded here:

Christmas card information text and image

You can email your contacts using the same information. A short personal message explaining why you’re supporting us always helps too.

Quicker still, you can add a link to your email signature, something like this:

Buy Christmas cards online to support Ganet’s Adventure School, Malawi

And link the text to this web page:

Raise money for the school by selling cards for us

Contact us and we’ll deliver packs to you on a sale or return basis for you to sell to colleagues, friends and family (this saves on the time and expense of posting packs out individually). Once we’ve sent you the cards, you can advertise them with our customisable A4 Word poster.

Help us find new suppliers

If you see retailers or Christmas markets, pop-up shops, galleries, fairs etc which might be interested in stocking our cards or hosting a stall, let us know.

Volunteer to man a stall for us

In 2008, we had fun selling cards at Park Hall Studios open weekend, where Michael Ruh’s glassblowing studio kept us entertained with their glass blowing and the odd beer or two. We need people to help sell cards at Park Hall’s 2009 open weekend, as well as other Christmas markets and fairs. You need only spare half a day, usually at a weekend – bring a friend along and make a day of it! Register your interest here.

Corporate Christmas cards

Our designs are available for use in corporate Christmas cards and e-cards, and custom printing can also be arranged. Pass on our designs to whoever orders your company’s Christmas cards, or suggest companies to us who may be interested, either for this year or for future years.

Thank you for helping, check back here to see how much money we raise for the school. If you have any queries, email Steve McInerny at


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