Charlotte Meets Gertrude and Ganet

We were delighted that our supporter Charlotte Walford, was able to visit Ganet’s Adventure School. Charlotte is a nutritionist with many years of working in Africa and so she is able to make a much valued contribution to our work on the Feeding Programme. Her time there was short but very valuable to us and to Gertrude. It was over the weekend and Gertrude had responsibilities at her church in Nkhata Bay for the celebration service but also the joyful role as godmother at a Christening. Ganet, as you may remember, Gertrude’s youngest daughter, joined Charlotte and Gertrude for one of their meetings. Of course Ganet was a good listener to the conversation but was not afraid to make some comments of her own, as a former very successful student at the school. Travel to the school by car was not possible because of recent damage to the road during the heavy rainstorm, so Charlotte invited Gertrude to meet with her a Myoka Village, where Charlotte was staying.

Myoka village