Students in the classroom with vegetables grown at schoollook what we have grown

The Feeding Programme Has Gained Sponsorship For A Second Year

Our team of Gertrude Banda and Lisa Bennett have been working hard to monitor the successes of the first year of the feeding programme. You have already learned about the benefits to the health and learning of the students. Success has also been about overcoming the flooding of the feeding gardens in 2014.

Members of the community at the start of year 1 of the feeding programme

Members of the community join in celebrations

The Hilden Trust have reviewed the working of the feeding programme over the first year and have generously awarded further funding to start in April, for the 2014/15 programme. This year additional funds have been allotted to the purchase and installation of 5000litre water tanks to collect the rain water that runs off the roofs of the brick built classrooms. This water will be used to sustain the growth of crops during the dry season. In addition bunds or swales will be constructed in some of the growing areas to prevent the runoff of rain water near to growing crops in the rainy season. Managing water efficiently is a big part of achieving a successful harvest in Malawi.

Many congratulations to the whole of the team – Gertrude Banda, the students and teachers, the village chief and the parents of the children, Lisa and the Hilden Trust. Working together brings success.

We are raising the funding for 2 new classroom blocks. You can see how successful the first two classroom blocks have been and how much they are appreciated by the students.  If you want to help us – Donate securely online via Virgin Money Giving