Ganet's Adventure School nursery class in 2004

Celebration Day June 13th 2016 – IT’S A PASS But We Still Need Your Help

Ganet’s Adventure School has passed the strict inspection by the Ministry of Education inspectors. The inspectors have seen the new classroom block and the foundations for the final classroom block and they have said ‘yes’. The school is being awarded a licence to operate on the condition that the final classroom block is completed for September. Students will now be able to take examinations at the school. We still need £2,500 to build the final classroom block.

On hearing the news that the school had passed, Gertrude expressed jubilation “I would like to thank all the trustees, volunteers, charitable organisations, individuals for working hard to fundraise huge amounts of money for block 3 and the foundation for Block 4. I am very happy because no one was expecting that Ganet’s Adventure School would pass the inspection through so many obstacles”

This could not have happened without the help of over 120 wonderful supporters who have pledged with our Crowdfunder Bricks Change Lives campaign. We have some of the funding towards the building of the final classroom block but invite you to share this good news with your friends and through #BricksChangeLives, so that the students will return in September to continue their learning, not in grass roofed shelters but in purpose built brick classrooms.

Ganet's Adventure School nursery class in 2004

Ganet’s Adventure School nursery class in 2004

We have funded the purchase of textbooks for each of the subjects for each of the Standards, so that there are enough books for 1 book between 2 students. This will help both the students and the teachers to make learning more effective.

One of our trustees Deidre Nelson is donating 2 rewards for pledges of £75. She will create an embroidery using one of the wild animals that the children drew when she and Director Steve and his wife Stef, visited the school. There is just one left now so hurry.

This is a great day for Ganet’s Adventure School and Ganet’s Adventure School Fund.