Building Is Well Under Way For Our Third Classroom Block


Our roving reporter Frank’s first report is about the third classroom block. The weather has been good and Frank is showing us the builders at work on the walls of the classrooms and inserting the window frames.

At the moment the builders are  putting  in ring window frames  and  laying bricks for the walls.  The building tools which the builders use depends on the particular job they are doing. For example, in bricklaying and putting ring window frames they use the following; strings, levels and measuring tapes. While in making building stands they use hammers, hoes, timbers and poles.

Frank was asked if the builders played noisy music as they worked as they often do in the UK but he said in Malawi they are not allowed to play music on campus as it would affect the work of the learners.

There will be a big change at the end of the week, by Friday because the learners will able see the windows in place, which will give them a full hope that they will use the block with their new classrooms soon. This will mean that they will no longer have to use temporary shelters for classrooms. The new classrooms will provide cover from the wind and rain and the children will be able to focus on their learning.