Build a classroom appeal – £3,000 pledged

Ganet’s Adventure School has been temporarily closed by the Malawian education ministry, until permanent classrooms can be built. Many of the children from Ganet’s Adventure School are unable or unwilling to go to the government primary school, a serious interruption to their education.

The amount required to complete the building work is approximately £10,000. This sum is beyond the resources of the school, so we are appealing to individuals and organisations to help us raise the money. Already we’ve had over £3,000 of pledges and now have £1500 in the bank, a very encouraging start.

If you are keen to help but don’t know exactly how, we can give you some ideas. For example, Stefanie, a designer, has pledged to donate the proceeds from a poster commission to the appeal, and trustees Kate is planning to sell watercolours which she has painted. Other ideas could be sponsored events, the sale of unwanted Christmas presents on ebay, school or office casual dress days, or asking businesses you know to donate to, or match the money which you raise for the appeal. We welcome any further suggestions, and will do whatever we can to help support and publicise any events which you organise.

Email if you want to get involved in the appeal.

To donate, click on the link on the homepage. UK taxpayers can now claim Gift Aid on donations.

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