Breakfast At School

children getting breakfast

Monday – Maize porridge with groundnuts

Tuesday – Usipa (small fish), and vegetables from the garden

Wednesday – Maize porridge with soya

Thursday – Plain porridge with fruit and vegetables from the garden

Friday – Maize porridge with soya


Our former trustee Lisa has submitted a report on the second year of the Food Programme to our sponsors, the Hilden Charitable Fund.

During breaks from lessons, the children help with planting, mulching, watering, harvesting and sometimes cooking the crops. The permaculture garden is also used as part of the school curriculum – particularly science and agriculture lessons. The gardener does the weeding so over enthusiastic children do not damage the roots of the growing crops.

Tuesday is sports day for the children, and they stay on after school to play football and netball, which are both very popular in Malawi. The supplementary nutrition helps with energy levels, later in the day. 

Feedback from the Director of the School, Gertrude Banda

‘(the feeding programme).. makes a very big change to children and teachers. Children and teachers are very active in class, reduce the late of absenteeism and late coming to school.It has also improve the healthy status of children and teachers such that not many become sick compared to those days when the children were not receiving feeding program.’