Back to school

Pupils of Ganets Adventure School

Pupils of Ganets Adventure School

Lessons start on 2 September for the new school year, here are a few of the things we are looking forward to.

Our Standard Eight class starts lessons

The teachers are busy preparing lesson plans for the new Standard Eight class which is being added to the enrolment in September. Proceeds from the Wordbespoke art auction are paying for 18 sets of text books in each of the nine subjects, plus teachers guides and other classrooms materials. Thanks to artist Deirdre Nelson and everyone who joined in the auction.

Going back to our roots

Due to popular demand from parents, the school is reopening its nursery class. Ganet’s Adventure School originally started as a nursery school back in 2004, so its director Gertrude Banda is very pleased to be able to restart nursery care again. Having a nursery class enables the children’s older siblings to come to school where otherwise they may be expected to care for their younger brothers and sisters during the day.

Permaculture garden

The district council are keen to run a permaculture workshop at the school for teachers and parents on different methods of manure making. This will help improve fertility of crops without costly and polluting artificial fertilisers, but it depends on funds for materials, food and transport being found. The cost of running the workshop is around £175, if you would like to help then email

More classrooms, more learning

Once student numbers reach a sufficient level and funding can be secured, our plans are to build another block of two classrooms, so that classes from Standards One to Eight can be taught at the school.

Back in the UK

In the UK, activities at Ganet’s Adventure School Fund continue apace. Another instalment of our famous Ganet’s Bicycle Adventure is planned, along with more art and design-related projects and the continuation of our partnership with Chaucer Infant and Junior School in Derbyshire.

Why not plan to get involved this year?

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