Ganet’s Adventure School Fund

Ganet’s Adventure School Fund (GASF) is a UK based charity (UK reg. charity no. 1141352) run 100% by volunteers, dedicated to supporting Ganet’s Adventure School, Malawi. We currently have five trustees and a network of volunteers and supporters.

Since May 2014 GASF has sourced funds for a feeding programme at the school, using crops grown by parents and children in the school’s permaculture garden and supplemented with purchased foods as needed. Making the most of natural resources is at the heart of the school, it is surrounded by a lush permaculture garden, harvests rainwater and even uses its compost toilets to fertilise the garden!

We are set up as a charitable trust. Our trustees are Steve McInerny, Kate Hauxwell. Lisa Bennett, Deirdre Nelson and Amy McInerny. Steve has been supporting the school since volunteering there in 2005, and Kate is our education expert, having taught for many years in the UK and also for two years in Malawi. Lisa is an ex volunteer with extensive experience working in the public sector, Deirdre is a textile artist who works on many community art projects. Amy is a youth worker working for a major charity here in the UK.