A Standard 7 Learner at Ganet’s Adventure School

orphan in schoolThe school is proud to support the learning of children such as a 12 year old orphan boy.


Gertrude Banda, Director of the school, tells his story.


‘He is in Standard seven, so he has one more year at the school. He started schooling here when he was in Standard 4. He always comes to school bare footed and sometimes his uniform is dirty. He always comes from home without taking breakfast. If he eats breakfast it is the porridge he eats at school as part of the feeding program. When I ask him which he is facing such problems, he says his father died while he was very young and is being brought up by his mother. His mother went to South Africa and she has not found a good job to support him and his brother. He says he want to work hard in his education so that he gets good job to support himself and his mother and grandmother, who is taking him at the moment with his brother. He is a hard working boy and always coming to school.’


Source: UNAIDS/WHO, 2001) In Malawi and throughout Africa, the operational definition for Orphan is: “defined as a child under the age of 18 years who has lost one or both parents through death.”