A Note From The Headmaster

young learners celebrate

Following a familiar tradition, Matthews Banda, Headmaster at our school, shares thanks with all who have contributed to making the school year a success. As many headteachers before him he advises the students on appropriate use of their time before the start of the new term.

The guest of honour, the director and organizing officer in charge of Mkondezi R. Station, the village headman Chapumbura and your colleague Mzizimbanga, the deputy
headmaster and the entire staff, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.

I would first like to thank our Lord for this great day. I would also like to thank the chairperson for choosing me to pass on a message at this important function. I would also like to thank the Director and her family for the job they have been doing at Ganet’s Adventure School. Since we started in the first term, she has been watching over every aspect of our jobs and ensuring our high standards. Her day begins by waking up at the crack-of-dawn to tend to the school premises by mopping the classes and picking up litter. Thus, guaranteeing that the grounds at Ganet’s Adventure school maintain their lure and attraction.

The Director is also responsible for the schools communication and interactions with our donors and has been a driving force in the completion of our attractive new school block, which we can see today! We owe the buildings we see around us to her effort and dedication to this school and ongoing commitment to growing Ganet’s Adventure School and providing education for the children of Nkhata. We the staff are proud to be a part of this mission and are equally proud of our Director and Mother, Madam Gertrude Banda.

Secondly, I would like thank my fellow teachers to all their hard work and dedication. You have shown true character and spirit by coming to work each and every day, regardless of the weather, and bring with you a spirit of helping learners achieve their own academic success. You are enabling these children to grow into independent and successful Malawians who will build and develop our nation. I encourage you to continue on in the same spirit of love, kindness and mercy. Thank you for your continued cooperation with your colleagues and the learners.

Thirdly, I would like to congratulate the learners who have completed this academic year and will be promoted to another class. You make us very proud and are an indication of the teachers’ hard work. We are happy that you have learned and gained experience from your last year at Ganet’s Adventure School. For me, being a loving teacher, I become so proud to see all your beautiful results.

As you go please remember to thank your parents for their everlasting love and care that they have provided for you. It is not easy to be able to afford to send a child to a private school in Malawi as money is scarce. It is understandable that the majority of parents prefer to send their children to a government primary school, free of charge. These schools can be, however, overcrowded and understaffed. It is not uncommon for a single teacher to be teaching a class of 100 learners, making any individual and personal assistance almost impossible. This is why you are so lucky at Ganet’s Adventure School where we have smaller classes and are able to offer a more personal educational experience for each learner.

So, learners, how are you going to thank your parents? You are going to do it by assisting them in the garden, by helping with the household chores and by being a loving and obedient child. Please do not dump your books and make sure that you still study your exercises so that you do not have any problems when you come back to school. You should also avoid participating in any immoral behaviour such as drinking alcohol and smoking mandrax or taking any illegal drugs. These activities will destroy your brain and can lead to mental disorders, and a shorter lifespan. You should also avoid sugar daddies and remember that sex can wait but your future can not. So be responsible.

Lastly let me thank Mickie and Rob for donating library books and helping out at the school. Your names will forever be in the history of our Library. As you embark
on your journey home, I wish you all the best and hope that one day we shall meet again. Thank your parents on behalf of the school for allowing you to voyage into Africa and visit Malawi. And for this I say “BRAVO” to Michie and Rob, God bless you! With these few remarks let me stop there.

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