Ganet's Adventure School, Malawi

A letter from the trustees: our ambitions for the future

Ganet's Adventure School, Malawi

Dear friends of Ganet’s Adventure School Fund

Our UK charity, Ganet’s Adventure School Fund, has been in discussions with Ganet’s Adventure School in Malawi over the past few months about how we will work together in the future. We have developed a plan which we believe will enable the school to fulfil its aim to become less reliant on funding from outside Malawi, and which will enable us to support the education of children and young people across Malawi.

The charity and the school have always been independent entities. Now that the eight classrooms we have funded are complete and the school has full government registration, this self-reliance has become a realistic aim. We at GASF support this process, and are working closely with the school’s director Gertrude to ensure that the change happens smoothly and with as little disruption as possible to the education of its current learners.

Gertrude’s plans for the school in Malawi

Gertrude’s plans are to fund the school through a combination of entrepreneurial projects at the school, a potential increase in school fees and grants. For example, the school’s feeding programme will continue until at least the end of 2018 through a grant from Yahoo which we secured from here in the UK.

Gertrude continues to do an excellent job of keeping the school running during this transition. Learner numbers are higher than they have been for several years, at 239 in total. In September the school learned that it had achieved its highest ever number of passes, and highest percentage of passes, for the Primary School Leaver Certificate exams. 23 out of 26 learners who entered the exam passed, well above the national pass rate of 76%.

Our aims as a UK charity supporting education in Malawi

At the same time we at GASF wish to build upon our understanding of education in Malawi and our resources in the UK, and to encourage our band of dedicated UK supporters (yes that’s you!) to help children and young people in Malawi through other educational projects across the country.

Each year of education completed reduces rates of mortality, child marriage, promotes equality and increases economic growth. In Malawi, there are 74 children for each teacher, and only 38% of 15 – 24 year olds have completed their primary education. Our passion for supporting quality education in Malawi is as great as ever. We will continue to enable you to help the children of Malawi through practical support using the most direct, efficient methods possible.

We are currently researching the implications of making these changes, as they will require a change to our governing documents. We will be contacting the Charity Commission in due course. We aim to be as transparent as possible through this process. Once the changes are in place, we want to let you know that unless agreed with us in advance, donations to our charity may be used for educational projects in Malawi other than Ganet’s Adventure School.

Transitional plans

We will continue to provide the majority of funding for Ganet’s Adventure School until at least August 2018. We continue to welcome funding requests from Ganet’s Adventure School after this time, and will assess them against our new criteria once these are decided upon. We will not support any other projects until after that time, and will continue to ensure the effectiveness of any grants we make.

We will keep you informed of our plans as they develop, and hope that you join us on our mission to improve the futures of more children in Malawi.

We’d really value your thoughts, questions and suggestions on these changes, please send these on to us at

Kate, Deirdre, Lucy, Justina and Steve
The trustees of Ganet’s Adventure School Fund