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We’re joining a very special eBay auction, and need your help to find prizes!

We are sourcing prizes for the Small Charity Week eBay auction, and we need your help. This has become an important source of income for the school over the last few years, it enables us to pay the salaries [...]

Celebration Time

Students in the classroom with vegetables grown at schoollook what we have grown

The Feeding Programme Has Gained Sponsorship For A Second Year

Our team of Gertrude Banda and Lisa Bennett have been working hard to monitor the successes of the [...]

Grow Your Own Malawi Style

Permaculture garden with school buildings in the background

Gertrude Banda and students picking okra

Picking okra

School Permaculture Gardens Supplement School Meals

For a number of years, Ganet’s Adventure School has been establishing permaculture gardens to use the land around the school productively to grow food to be [...]

Could you be our next trustee?

We are looking for one or two people to join our board of trustees. This is a chance to make a real difference to the direction of our charity, get involved [...]

Our Feeding Programme Team

Gertrude holding a ceiling high stalk of maize

It takes a team to make it happen. Who is in our team?

You already know about The Hilden Trust, Gertrude Banda and Lisa Bennett, so now we’ll introduce the other members of the team who make the Feeding Programme [...]

School Meals Help Students To Learn More Effectively

Providing school meals is helping the students at Ganet’s Adventure School make the most of the benefits of their education.

As we come to the end of the first year of the free school meals programme, funded by The Hilden Trust, school Director, Gertrude Banda and Ganet’s Adventure School Fund Trustee, Lisa Bennett, have [...]

Thank you! Our UK Christmas store raises £1,000 for our school

The staff and children of Ganet’s Adventure School pass on a big thank you to everyone who supported our 2014 Christmas store, which raised £1,000 after costs for the school in Malawi.

The money will go towards vital running costs such [...]

Our ethical Christmas gifts and stocking fillers are back!


We have the widest selection of ethical products yet this Christmas, and are pleased to add Island Bakery’s excellent organic biscuits to our range. As always our online store and market stalls are run 100% by volunteers, so all of our profits go to the school in Malawi we support.

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Charity Christmas cards created by our own young designers!

Learners from our school in Malawi created these bold animal drawings, which our trustee and designer Stefanie Posavec incorporated into this year’s Ganet’s Adventure School Fund Christmas ‘Wildlife’ cards. Check out their nifty scarves! These and [...]

Find out how our new toilets are helping our crops grow!

Much to the relief of our learners, construction is now almost complete on the school’s three compost toilets, built to replace pit style toilets destroyed in flooding earlier in the year. They even have names – Harry, Giovanna [...]